Dialing Code
(00  267)
Pula (BWP)
Botswana Consulate General 
Border Post(s)
Tlokweng border post
(00 267) 317 0800
Martinsdrif border post
(00 267) 491 5907 / 13
Not required by SA passport holders
Valid Passport required
Vehicle Documentation
Mandatory - Original vehicle Registration and Licence papers
Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle is not owned by the driver
“Crossborder Letter” – only required if the vehicle is on high purchase.  Letter obtainable from your bank, giving you authorisation to travel with the vehicle outside SA.  Letter should include dates of travel.  
Carnet de Passage
Not required 
Foreign Vehicle Circulation Permit
Customs Import Permit (CIP)
Temporary Import Permit (TIP)
Issued at the border post on entry, valid for 90 days.  Extension may be requested by contacting the office that issued the permit.
Third Party Insurance
Mandatory - obtained at the border post on entry
Temporary Licence Plates 
Fuel Levy
Road Permit
Obtained at the border post on entry.  Fee is dependent on your destination in Botswana.  Payments may be done with a Mastercard / Visa card / Pula
Road Access Fee (RAF)
Carbon Tax
Police Clearance Certificate
Road Toll Fees
Council Levy
Vehicle stickers / other
ZA sticker - madatory - available at any AA Accredited Sales Agent store
Set of Red Warning Triangles -mandatory
International Driving Permit
Not required
Health requirements
Contact your nearest Travel Clinic for latest updates
Border fees
Contact border post for confirmation on current fees
Food restrictions
Contact border post 
Pet travel enquiries
Contact border post
Emergency Assist 991
(00 267) 390 4537
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